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  • Il Tartufo
    Nutrahunters has developed with Il Tartufo, a series of reliable and easy-to-use products that allow anyone without experience in dogs or cats to obtain the maximum genetic potential of their 4-legged companion. All our products are made only with ingredients suitable for human consumption, we do not work with dead or sick animals, all the ingredients are certified that they have not been, nor are they carriers of diseases, of antibiotics, that all our non-meat products also products They are certified with total absence of GMO (genetically modified organisms), each production batch is analyzed individually and meets all these labeling requirements and everything mentioned above, culminating with a certified IFS rating of 95.91 out of 100 and all this with a very attractive sales price for the final customer and with a retail format of 0.4 Kg, 4 Kg or 10 Kg optimal for sale, which allows you to see the customer more times or buy more quantity and a professional format of 20 Kg for breeders. You will see that croquettes are neither perfectly uniform, neither in color nor in form ... this is our product: holistic and natural We started all this work in factories in northern Europe, all of them with easier and more convenient access to high-quality animal protein ingredients suitable for human consumption, which we later adapted with our formulas to the real needs of dogs and cats around the world. There is no one to offer more for less ... a basic tool that helps the end customer keep his dog or cat healthy and strong. We have pointed out before: Il Tartufo veritas. in Il Tartufo is the truth!
  • Riverwood
    We are what we eat. That says everything. Proper nutrition contributes to feeling vital and fit. This which we have heard so much, is equally valid for animals. So there is Riverwood, a new line of nutrition for dogs and cats prepared only with the best ingredients. Pure, handmade and created with passion.
    POLARIS IS A LIFE COMPANION THERE ARE ONLY A FEW COMPANIONS IN LIFE WHO ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU. A companion who you can trust at any time and who does not ask anything in return, giving unconditional love. A companion who can bring a ray of sunshine into your life. A companion who is really the light of your eyes: Your pet. Likewise, THE Star Polaris is our constant companion in the night sky. It is the only fix, always visible star that shows direction, as it has been for centuries. It has always been the "light of our eyes", just like our beloved pets. YOUR PETS DESERVE TO SHINE. Polaris is the ultimate guidance, providing your pet with delicious meals made with wholesome, selected, natural ingredients and healthy extras that support their health and a happy, vital life.
  • Nutrilove
    Our products combine the care of quality nutrition and the love we give your pet by providing them with a tasty and balanced diet every day. All Nutrilove brand products are manufactured in the Czech Republic by Partner in Pet Food in their own plants. This company is the European leader in the manufacture of dog and cat food. In the manufacture of Nutrilove kibbles, bags and cans, we emphasize the selection of QUALITY raw materials, including the use of FRESH CHICKEN MEAT as the main source of protein. Special recipes were developed for our brand-specific products, which are tailor-made for each animal according to their age, stage of life and level of activity, regardless of whether they are ´a puppy, an adult dog, a dog over 7 years old or a dog with digestive sensitivity. Nutrilove does not forget the cats, for which a wide selection of wet and dry foods is ready. Nutrilove products do not contain genetically modified organisms, artificial flavors or preservatives. All recipes were developed under the scrutiny of veterinarians and animal nutrition experts. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that you will find everything your furry friend needs in Nutrilove pet food. Give your dog or cat delicious food, Nutrilove for pets and enjoy the maximum time they spend together. The joy of your pets is of paramount importance to Nutrilove.
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