With the products of Nutrahunters S.A., we have exceeded the standards of the current highest food safety certification. Furthermore, here at Nutrahunters we make every effort to offer professional services at the highest standards in the market, with professionals who are qualified in all the areas we work in. This allows us to produce food of the highest quality, adjusted to the needs of our clients. We also continuously monitor customer satisfaction, in order to address problems before they materialise.

Regarding our manufacturing process, we can guarantee the following:

  • We have IFS QUALITY: this means that we comply with international food standards and we guarantee the quality of the entire production process and all the raw materials right up to the finished products.
  • We use CATEGORY 3 MEATS: all the meat we process are category 3 materials. This means that the meat comes from HUMAN GRADE approved slaughterhouses. We don't work with recovered meat from dead animals. This way there is no risk of diseases being transmitted, or using actual dogs to prepare the food.
  • EXPORTS: we can supply to the whole world (all countries in the European Economic Community, bordering countries, and the USA). We have been audited by Russia, China, Japan, and many other countries, and have been awarded the necessary permits.
  • ANALYTICAL TESTS: all the ingredients have been analysed before being used in production. We also analyse the end product.
  • NO GMOs: we don't use soy in order to avoid possible contamination with GMO ingredients.

 At this point we would humbly ask you, as a consumer, to give us a chance.