Il Tartufo Weight Control Cats Box 6 Kg



- BONE & MUSCCLE CARE Glucosamine& Chondroitine - ENERGY LEVEL 3.547 KCAL/KG

COMPOSITION IL TARTUFO WEIGHT CONTROL CATS FORMULA: Dehydrated chicken meat, rice, peas, dehydrated tuna, dehydrated salmon, dehydrated whole eggs, refined cellulose, minerals, pyrolized animal protein, animal fat (chicken), dehydrated Antarctic krill, fish oil, Brewer´s yeast (natural source of MOS), powdered psyllium husk, collagen (3575 mg / kg), DL-methionine, glucosamine (650 mg / kg), chondroitin sulfate (550 mg / kg)

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Although other factors may intervene, sterilization is considered to be the main predisposing factor of obesity in cats. Cats are 3.4 times more likely to be obese than whole cats, since with sterilization there is a loss of the cat´s ability to regulate the amount of food it takes, and as a consequence, a tendency to eat more and gain weight. Specifically, the intake can increase from 20% to 30% in just 48 hours after the intervention, more markedly in males than in females. All this brings with it an increase in adipose tissue, which manifests itself to a greater or lesser extent according to gender and race. Together with sterilization, there is usually a decrease in physical activity, especially at night, which favors lower energy consumption and weight gain. All this, together with hormonal changes, make sterilized cats more prone to diseases such as osteoarthritis, diabetes and other pathologies that can reduce their life expectancy. It is important that the owner prevents these problems by making an immediate change in the diet of his cat and Il Tartufo Weight Control Cats is your best option. A diet designed for adult cats of all breeds on which we want to apply a weight control, effective and real, without losing muscle mass, vice versa, gaining it. For this, we provide a minimum of 60% of proteins of animal origin derived from dehydrated meats, eggs and fish, one of the best ways to guarantee the preservation of the nutritional values ??in each of the croquettes, with which we reach 37 % protein with only 9% fat and in this way we will shape the body of our cat, so that we combine a controlled energy intake and thanks to being a food of high biological value, which provides the necessary nutrients (amino acids and peptides ), so the hypothalamus of the cat´s brain generates a satiating effect, although we recommend in these cases, that the food is never left ad libitum.
Mainly we use a combination of white meats such as dehydrated chicken meat, dehydrated turkey meat, without the skin, which is where the largest volume of duck fat resides, and dehydrated quail meat, in equal parts, three types of meats of very high biological value, due to their high content of essential amino acids and relative low level of fats, which help with their micronutrients to carry out their functions correctly, in addition to being a combination of meats, which correctly balances the level of proteins, fats, vitamins with the aim of obtaining the desired end, decreasing fat values, but with a high level of protein, which allows to reduce the net energy content and help maintain muscle mass. Together with these meats, we add chicken fat preserved with natural antioxidants, in order to provide, justly, the necessary daily energy. A combination of dried tuna and salmon, which are two of the healthiest foods, rich in protein and fatty acids essential for health, favor the circulatory system, because of its omega-3 content, which helps repair soft tissues, In addition to having anti-inflammatory effects, reducing joint pain in overweight animals, and also enhance eye health. We also put in each croquette 5% dehydrated whole eggs, which provide the 22 amino acids that exist in nature, being the food of the highest possible biological value for our cat. Salmon oil is one of the foods that can provide the body with more properties and benefits, since it is rich in Omega 3 essential oils, which have proven effective in multiple sections, some already mentioned, as well as stimulating circulation, preventing appearance of clots and thrombi. It also has DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) that is essential for the correct development of the brain and eyesight. This is transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, while after birth, breast milk is the main source of this compound. Another of its most prominent components is the EPA (Eicosapentanoic Acid), which stimulates the production of Prostaglandins of the series 3, which have the function of reducing blood clotting, which leads to a lower probability of developing system disorders circulatory. The diets for this type of animals, it is very important that they are based on animal protein, since these types of ingredients are those that provide the highest values ??of L-carnitine, which is an amino acid compound that is produced by lysine and Methionine and can act as a very powerful fat burner, since it is responsible for transporting fatty acids to cells to be used as energy in the body. We collect each of the most nutritious and profitable parts of our ingredients, discarding those that we do not accept for their low nutritional value. Unlike other foods on the market, we make available to the specimens a combination of different protein sources, since it has been shown that exposure continues to a single source of these, gives rise to certain food intolerances.
We use rice as the non-meat ingredient of greater biological value, a food of high digestibility and also low allergenicity. Other ingredients, such as peas, complete our formula, which provide a high content of vitamins (C, A, folic acid and thiamine) and a high content of minerals (especially iron, potassium and phosphorus) and given their fiber content, They are useful to regularize intestinal transit and help against constipation.
Brewer´s yeast, thanks to its contribution of Vitamins B1-B2-B6, niacin, folic acid and biotin strengthens the skin, nails and hair. Only 20 grams a day accelerate tissue regeneration, help regulate the functioning of the digestive system, and overcome the effects caused by stress. It contains 18% natural fiber that helps improve the intestinal transit of our cat. It can contribute to weight control and prevent obesity. It is a natural source of mananooligosaccharides, a prebiotic that prevents the colonization of pathogens, neutralizes the effect of mycotoxins and intensifies the phagocytic action of macrophages, providing benefits in the gastrointestinal tract. The result translates into better performance and greater resistance to diseases. Finally, we put mollusks and crustaceans, because they provide chondroprotectors to help maintain good mobility.
As it is a food suitable for all races we provide a medium type croquette being able to chew for most of the current breeds.
We do not add other ingredients, since we do not consider them necessary for the diet of a carnivore.
Available in formats of 3, 6 and 10 Kg.

Crude protein :37,0 Crude oils and fats :9,0 Inorganic matter : 6,5 Crude fibers :4,0 Moisture :8,0 Calcium (Ca):1,2
Phosphor (P):1,0 Omega 3: 0,80 Omega 6: 2,00 EPA + DHA: 0,4%

Vitamin A (IU/kg) :20.000 Vitamin D3 (IU/kg) :1.750 Vitamin E : 150 AMINO ACIDS Taurine: 5.000 mg/Kg Methionine: 1.800

3b103 Iron ( Iron Sulphate Monohyd rate ) 107 mg/kg
3b413 Copper ( Copper chelate gly cine hydrate ) 10 mg/kg
3b607 Zinc ( Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate ) 127 mg/kg
3b506 Manganese ( Manganese chelate of glycine 7,3 mg/kg
3b202 Iodine ( Anhydrous Calcium I odate ) 2,5 mg/kg
3b8.15 Selenium ( Selenomethionine ) 0,02 mg/kg

Crude Fats % 9.0
Vitamin B2 10
Iron Mhyd chelat.aminoacids E1 107
Glucosamine Hydrochloride 650
Omega-3 % 0.8
Vitamin B12 (mcg/Kg) 30
ZInc MHyd Che.aminoacids E6 127
Pantothenic Acid 50
Crude Ashes % 6.5
Iodine (Calcium Iodate) E2 2.5
Vitamin D3 (IU/Kg) (E671) 1750
Folic Acid 2.5
Moisture 8.0
Crude Proteins % 37.0
Vitamin B1 10
Niacin 50
Phosphorus (P) % 1.00
% Protein Derivated Animal Or. >80
Omega-6 % 2.0
Vitamin B6 7.0
Copper Phyd Che.aminoacids E4 10,0
Chondroitin Sulfate 550
EPA + DHA 0.4
Vitamin C 100
Manganese Ox.Chelate Amino E5 7.3
Vitamin A (IU/Kg) (E672) 20000
Choline 1250
Crude Fibres % 4.0
Selenium (Sodium Selenite) E8 0.02
Vitamin E (Alfa-Tocoferol) 150
Biotin (mcg/Kg) 300
Calcium (Ca) % 1,20

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